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Cebu Boat Trips is part of the Living in Cebu family. Cebu Boat Trips offers its visitors information on many routes and shipping lines in order to navigate throughout the Visayas and Mindanao Regions of the Philippines, and on occasion, Luzon.


I have lived in the Philippines for over eleven years. Since arriving here, I have traveled extensively throughout the Philippines. There are many travel websites that offer    information such as tips on how to book your Cebu hotel at right price which is very helpful. Frequently, this has been by way of various sea going craft. I have traveled aboard everything from ships, to Ro-Ro's (a Roll on-Roll off barge or ferry), down to a pump boat and bangka. I used to travel via fast craft, similar to the one pictured in the banner on this site, a SuperCat catamaran. However, I learned that it is much more comfortable, although a bit more time consuming, to travel by way of a ship, slow ferry, or Ro-Ro.


When going short distances, often less than four hours, I travel via a Ro-Ro (Roll on-Roll) off boat. Many of the larger sea going craft in the Philippines provide ample cargo space in order to transport my personal vehicle onboard. This is a convenient way to travel from province to province.


There are a number of things I have learned through my travels aboard boats and ships in the Philippines. Here is one of those things. Although there are many ports throughout the Philippines, I have found that it is much easier to take an "off the beaten path" route, rather than going from one major port to another. That is, I typically travel from one province to another by way of ports and piers in smaller towns, instead of going from one major city to another.


Due to higher risk of terrorist activity, quite a bit of red tape is required to pass, prior to loading your vehicle on a ferry at a major port. In fact, some ports, like the one in Cagayan de Oro, for example, have so much red tape to deal with that it isn't really feasible to transport a vehicle to that port. You would make out much better by arriving at any number of ports across the top of Mindanao, rather than by going through Cagayan de Oro. Traveling via Super Shuttle Ferry, Cebu to Camiguin, would be an excellent alternate route. You would also get to see one of this countries smaller, but quite beautiful Islands.


So, when boarding a Ro-Ro at one of the smaller piers throughout the provinces, I find that it is much less time consuming; certainly much less red tape to deal with. There are simply fewer hassles, and rarely an issue to deal with when boarding vessels at smaller ports. This ultimately makes my trips throughout the country much more enjoyable.


Welcome to the Philippines, and to the Cebu Boat Trips website.









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